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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

General Guidelines
The School retains the right to determine its policies. Parents are requested to co-operate with the School authorities in enforcing them.

Guidelines for Parents
• Parents are requested to enter the campus, after making an entry in the register with the security personnel.
• Parents, staff and visitors are requested to maintain the dresscode, demeanour and behaviour as an example to the impressionable young minds who are attending the institution. We request all visitors to be dressed only in formal attire inside the school premises.
• The School endeavours to keep the communication lines open between parents and faculty.
• All written communication from parents to teachers and vice-versa will be via ParentEye Mobile App or School Diary, using the pages allotted for this purpose. These can be used to seek an appointment if you require a face to face meeting.
• Teachers can meet parents only on appointment which will be fixed as per the teachers availability in her/his daily schedule.
• All communication, homework schedule, etc., must be acknowledged/ countersigned by the parents. This confirms that the parents have read them.
• Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms except during working hours.
• Parents are requested to inform the School immediately if there is a change in telephone number or address through ParentEye.
• Parents are expected to regularly attend all the School events to which they are invited.

Guidelines for Students
• Every student must carry his / her School Diary and Identity Card to School each day.
• The School is not responsible for items that are misplaced or lost. All lost property that is collected will be made available at the main office.
• Students are not permitted to carry money to school unless required by the class teacher for an event or field trip. Money has to be deposited with the class teacher as soon as the child arrives in school.
• The School does not take any responsibility for money brought by students.
• Students are not permitted to carry on sharp objects such as knives or pointed tipped scissors to school. This is a punishable offense
• Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, fountain pens, MP3 players, toys, etc., to school. In case of any violation of this rule, the article will be confiscated.
• Students are not permitted to wear watches until they are in grade 5.
• No student is permitted to bring a mobile phone to the school.
• Students may not bring in festival related articles, colours for Holi, crackers for Diwali etc into the school premises. They may not indulge in these activities in their school uniform, even outside of school. A failure to adhere to this policy will have very serious consequences.
• Bullying and the use of foul language are not acceptable anywhere in the School premises or on the School buses.
• The Management has the right to take action as is deemed appropriate on any student from the School whose conduct has been found unsatisfactory in spite of repeated warnings
• Any amorous gestures of hugging, kissing, cuddling, sitting in proximity than is necessary, sitting on laps etc will fetch an instant discipline card or suspension, without dialogue
• The school uniform is an identity of the School and therefore should be respected and worn with pride. Students are not permitted to defile the uniform by writing on them or snipping the uniform.
• Photography within the campus is not permitted without prior consent of the Principal.
• Students are expected to respect the property and facilities of the school. A student is liable to pay for damaging school property within two weeks of receiving an invoice.
• On the happy occasion like birthdays, students are only permitted to carry candies/ small toffees to share with their classmates or teachers on their birthdays. Chocolates, cakes or any other items are not permitted

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