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Pre primary section at BIPS helps the child to attain an optimal perceptual, motor, cognitive and Socio emotional levels. Main aim is to prepare children for the formal schooling in a very comfortable and nurturing environment. Well designed curriculum makes the learning fun for the children with variety of indoor and outdoor activities, story sessions, music, dance and swimming. The classrooms are equipped with Smart boards, multimedia content and audio-visual teaching aids.

The pre primary comprises of prep I, prep II and prep III. A system of “Informal Evaluation” is followed to evaluate students based on their class work, theme-based worksheets and observation session. An assessment report highlighting the various aspects of the child’s development is submitted to the parents during regular PTM.

Admission for this section is 2.10 years and above. The school timing for the prep section is from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The school follows a 5 day week schedule.

Shining Star at Bangalore International Public School equips children with confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to flourish in a fast changing world .The rich and exciting curriculum instills high standards and we use the wealth of local resources, to inspire a love of learning.

Shining star at Bangalore International Public School is built upon our passion for excellence, Nurturing happiness, Joy of learning and innovation in child care and preschool education.

Here at shining star, we put the children at the heart of our nursery, we build all our nurseries with our children in mind as we wanted them to go place that they would acquire the knowledge and skills required to continue developing their learning as they move to the next level.

When you entrust your child’s care to us, we know, as parents, how difficult a choice that is looking for the best child care preschool. We know that you must be comfortable with your choice of shining star at Bangalore International Public School and that you must feel that your child is at least as well cared for as ,they would be if they were at home and we always strive to ensure that our care , stimulation and education provides opportunities for your child that they would not or could not receive in any other environment. The shining star is an exciting place to be where no two days are ever the same! In the heart of Bangalore International Public School, our beautiful school is bursting with activity and learning inside and outside.

We are confident that if you pay us a visit at our shining star premises you will see the difference that how the shining star of Bangalore International Public School can make for your child a second home compared to other pre-schools. We already know the difference your child can make to the world.

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